20:30SCHMOLTZDJ SETA veteran of the Belarusian rave underground is preparing an old-school progressive house set, featuring his fresh demos and unreleased tracks from friends.LISTEN

21:30DOMSUNLIVEA Belarusian project from Poznań will perform a live set of atmospheric electronics and breakbeat, featuring vocals and guitar. The vocalist might start a wave and will definitely be running around without shoes.LISTEN

22:10EYE-QDJ SETA guru turntablist will demonstrate a session of spectacular juggling with hefty grooves of hip-hop, funk, and breaks.

23:10ANASTASIA RYDLEVSKAYALIVEA magical Belarusian artist from Gdańsk will perform her first live set of 7 songs from the albums “When I Can’t Speak,” “Mugwort,” and two tracks from the upcoming album “Snake Charmer.”LISTEN

23:40KORNEJDJ SETA Belarusian DJ, journalist, and co-founder of Radio Plato, based in Gdańsk's DJ haven, will perform in Warsaw for the first time, preparing a fresh sound especially for the occasion.LISTEN

00:40WTBSKDJ SETBelarusian singer and poet Sveta Ben and electronic musician and multimedia artist Sergey Novitsky (MADMAPPER) will present a new experimental project, born in Vitebsk but forced to develop in Berlin. Experimental electronics, trip-hop and psychedelia, noisy guitars, trance, techno, and gabba hardcore combined with texts as sharp and cutting as a broken train window.LISTEN

01:20GEORGE DOBROLIVEThe uncompromising project of the spectacular indie rock star Sergey Pukst – post-chansonnier Georgy Dobro. The craziest and most biting trickster show, the most vivid and humorous chanson from Belarus – now in Warsaw. You will definitely experience the sharp pleasure of encountering the Master's masterpieces.LISTEN

DJ SETCaptain Bo, also known as the first pilot of the Belarus Outside Sound System aerobus and the Partymaker with a capital "P", will skillfully combine the intricate landing of the BOSS liner with a session of exorcism and pure joy. And the culmination of this performance will be the appearance of an eccentric and explosively secretive guest (but more on that later).LISTEN


LIVEArtist is preparing a refreshing and moderately danceable live set for dance floor veterans and regulars, as well as their successors. There will be tracks that have never been played anywhere before, so no one knows what to expect. Average BPM 115, with house and various electronic pop in the arsenal.LISTEN

DJ SETArtist is preparing a Dub Metal set – heavy and simultaneously ambient beats. You can both dance to them and lie down, feeling the pleasant weight and depth of the sound.LISTEN

LIVEA Belarusian producer from Krakow who releases experimental melodic electronic music. He focuses on using raw synthesizer sounds, avoiding samples and not using a computer.LISTEN

DJ SETEspecially for the party, he is preparing a one-hour program of retro-futuristic techno. Artist promises heavy beats and fire on the dance floor.LISTEN

LIVEA techno musician that practices dance shamanism, infusing synthetic sounds with biorhythms. He composes beats that allow one to release inner demons and connect with their true selves through movement.LISTEN