This release serves as a mouthpiece, featuring 13 personal contemporary stories from Belarus in various styles such as house, ambient, drum’n’bass, disco, trap, somatic techno, future-bass, and EDM.
In this compilation, Belarusian electronic producers explore the national cultural code. 
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Due to the threat of repressions from the Belarusian regime, most musicians have chosen to publish their works anonymously.
*All profits from the distribution will go to the BYSOL Solidarity Fund.

Belarus Outside Sound System is a charity touring music movement that supports Belarusian artists in emigration and raises awareness of socio-political issues in Belarus. 
The project's creators are Belarusian cultural activist, art manager, DJ, and former political prisoner Alexander Bahdanau (Papa Bo Selektah), along with the former team of the cultural center Korpus from Minsk, Belarus.
Currently, Belarus Outside Sound System is evolving into a cultural community of progressive and active figures from the Belarusian music scene. Our goal is to become agents of social change, using music as a tool and soft power.

Take action – make change!


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Праект ладзіцца ў межах праграмы ArtPower Belarus Беларускай Рады культуры і Дацкага інстытута культуры пры фінансавай падтрымцы Еўразвязу. ы ArtPower Belarus Беларускай Рады культThe project is implemented within the framework of the ArtPower Belarus program of the Belarusian Council for Culture and the Danish Cultural Institute, funded by the European Union.